Consumer Advantages

Fundraising GraphicWith traditional fundraising programs, your organization is either stocking inventory or asking members or neighbors to purchase something they don’t really want or need (how many cookies, popcorn or pizzas have you purchased over the years?). With Dynamic, you never have to purchase something you don’t already need. All you do is change the way you pay for it! Instead of using your debit or credit card, you will receive gift cards to your favorite retailers. You then use the gift cards that you choose in place of your credit or debit card. A percentage of your purchase goes to your organization that is fundraising and you are not obligated to purchase something you weren’t already going to buy. Another Dynamic advantage is the program allows you to help your church or other organization monetarily in times when your own budget may be tight because every family purchases essentials like groceries, gas and clothing. We also offer our industry leading Family & Friends Program, which allows you leverage the purchasing power of your friends and family to further help your organization.